London's new face of jewellery, Feather Pendants, steps out to shake up the accessory game with their new Resin 2.0 collection. 

If you're on the hunt for some slick, street-inspired accessories, you need look no further than Feather Pendants. Since inception, FP has been doing things differently to some of the markets better-known brands, with a series of themed collections that take classic pieces and refit them with a modern streetwear edge. Their debut Resin collection came as an embodiment of these core values, providing a selection of pieces in an unorthodox material finish that was met with great success. The follow-up, Resin 2.0, takes things a step further with a refind selection of chains and bracelets that feature new tactical clasps on a bold, varied colour palette. 

Eye up the Feather Pendants Resin 2.0 collection for yourself below, and head over to their brand's online store now to shop their current product selection. 

All Images via Feather Pendats






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