PACIFISM explores the beauty of above and beyond with the release of their Fall/Winter 2019 collection entitled "Starry-Eyed". 

There is no denying the vivid beauty the sky exhibits from day through night, with its stunning natural light shows more than often leaving us fixated and tight-necked. During a recent trip to Lapland; Talal Hizami, founder and designer of PACIFISM found himself caught up in those very moments of fascination, going on to become the core inspiration for FW19. Captivated by the skyline, stars, and the powerful palette of the Aurora Borealis, Talal went on to develop a collection equally as rich. 

Where colour is concerned, the inspiration is clear, with an indulgent selection of pinks, purples, blues, and greens providing a warming contrast to the base tones that colour essential pieces such as hoodies and sweats. While the clean lines and sophisticated edge cannot be missed, a variation of asymmetrical fittings rise to the surface, with hybrid corduroy pants striking the perfect balance of smart and casual wear. The eye-catchers don't stop there, however, with a bright pink checked pattern taking the top spot within the outerwear component, alongside a denim two-piece that brings the "Starry-Eyed" concept to life. With such careful considerations made regarding the general aesthetic of the collection, it is no surprise that fabrications have been afforded just as much, if not more energy. For PACIFISM's take on the ever-popular, ever-present tracksuit is reimaged in silk satin, offering a classic twist on the staple Sukajan Souvenir Jacket. Developed in red, green, blue, grey, and black, the two-piece fittings are the perfect reflection on the young brand's refined builds and ability to make the familiar feel unique. 

Take a closer look at the PACIFISM Fall/Winter 2019 Starry-Eyed lookbook below, and head over to their online store to further explore the full release now. 

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