Discover DMCkal, the butterfly-decorated brand celebrating world culture. 

With the arrival of the internet, an era came instant accessibility to world-spanning fashion like never before, ushering in the rise of inspired brands and collaborations from across the globe. This increased access and visibility offered up a natural showcase of the cultures that have given rise to some of the industries most prominent trends and styles, a rich archive of multiculturalism celebrated by the likes of DMCkal. Discover Mental Club - DMCkcal -  is characterised by its bright and optimistic nature, looking to the movement of a butterfly as a point of inspiration. With an offering of butterfly-decorated streetwear staples ranging from tracksuit bottoms to T-shirts and hoodies, DMCkal comes complete with a colour palette that everyone can dip into.

Take a look at what DMCkal has to offer below, and head over to their online store to shop their current collections now. 

All Images via DMCkal