This interview is part of Ray-Ban’s #PROUDTOBELONG campaign, which celebrates shared moments of connection.

The Skate Kitchen is a group of shred betties made up of Kabrina Adams, Ajani Russell, Dede Lovelace, Rachelle Vinberg, Nina Moran and twin sisters Brenn and Jules Lorenzo. All hovering around the age of 20, the girls first met through school or mutual friends, and solidified their bond at skate parks. The crew has appeared in their own self-titled film, which also stars Jaden Smith. Rebellious and magnetic, The Skate Kitchen film is inspired by the real life experiences of the seven members and draws on the irreverent, sarcastic humor of crewmember Nina Moran.

Brenn and Jules recently sat down with us to chat about the evolution of their collective and how they find their sense of belonging there, where they can be their real selves.

Watching riders growing up, Brenn and Jules didn’t see women of color skating, but now as a part of The Skate Kitchen, they’re proud to represent that for all girls. The collective is a call for young girls to step outside of their boundaries. “It’s an open invitation to step outside of your comfort zone and know that you belong,” Jules says.

Dressed in a black mesh top and wearing Ray-Ban Nina, Jules enthusiastically explains how the collective’s name came to be. “I think Rachelle was 12 years old when she was watching all these videos on YouTube of skaters, and noticed comments about ‘women belonging in the kitchen’ so she thought to herself, ‘If it’s going to be a kitchen it might as well be a Skate Kitchen.’ It’s a play on words.”

She adds, “The ideology put in place [for girls] from a young age is that there’s only one spot, and we need to fight each other to get that place, but our collective is a group of young women of color motivating each other, and not tearing each other down. If we’re not supporting each other, who else is?”

Brenn in pink tells us, “Our collective is a family. For us, it’s like having a big group of sisters, an extension of my family.””

Bringing to life a movement that challenges gender stereotypes, @theskatekitchen has a growing audience of 100K followers on Instagram. The Skate Kitchen wants all women to know they belong not just in skate parks, but any scene where they can feel their real selves, knowing they don’t have to fit in to belong.

When asked about the goal for the collective, the sisters are candid. They share that true joy is not some lofty vision, but rather simply being yourself and pursuing your passions with supportive people who lift you up. On the journey to find belonging, sometimes it finds us.

Keep your eyes peeled for more on-screen action of Brenn, Jules, and their crew, and shop the #ProudtoBelong Ray-Ban lineup available now on the brand’s official web shop.