Before Bobby Kim took on the moniker Bobby Hundreds—and became one of the reigning kings of Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles—he was buying and trading clothes at a local swap meet in his hometown of Riverside, California. Since then, the designer turned writer, illustrator, creative director, and photographer has set the precedent for all other streetwear brands that followed the rise of The Hundreds. With over 15 years, about 2,000 original graphics, and more than 4,000,000 tees produced under his belt, Kim has carved a space for himself in the canon of streetwear.  

Since Kim sold out his first design—a black and white paisley hoodie—back in 2003, he has morphed The Hundreds into a blog, an online magazine, and perhaps more importantly, a brand that supports and fortifies the communities that made it famous. 

We caught up with Kim at his Los Angeles warehouse where he talks about his memoir, This Is Not a T-Shirt, the brand’s iconic “Adam Bomb” logo, and the origins of his design philosophy.