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While the mood was presumably somber when Drake left Monday night's Warriors and Raptors game, notably lost by the Raptors, a mood of a very different sort was represented in Drake's choice of wrist attire for the evening.

Indeed, as jokingly cited by Cam Wolf as the reason the Toronto team lost the game in question, the guy who still hasn't given us an official "Summer Games" visual chose to rock a predictably pricey Richard Mille RM 69 Erotic Tourbillon watch. As we know from when Drake last showed off this roughly $750,000 accessory, the watch arrives complete with the ability to display different phrases—all dealing with erotic matters—on the face.

The phrases displayed are interchangeable by way of three bars of options. The top bar allows wearers of the watch (limited to 30 in production, per D'Marge) to select from beginnings like "I want to" and "I long to," with the middle is reserved for action choices like "kiss" and "caress" and the bottom closes things out with a range of possibles including "you tonight" and "your pussy." By Drake's previous assessment, this is akin to poetry.

Anyway, here's the full Drake Wears Erotic Watch image from Monday night:

Image via Getty/Ron Turenne/NBAE

And, in proper makeshift detective fashion, here's a grainy close-up of the watch at that exact moment. As you can see, Drake opted for a variant that includes the verb "kiss" and the object "your pussy." While the top bar isn't exactly as easy to pinpoint, it would appear Drake went with "I'd love to," as in "I'd love to kiss your pussy."

Image via Getty/Ron Turenne/NBAE

Price-wise, this playful display of abject megawealth isn't quite on a par with Drake's previous acquiring of the "Air Drake" craft, nor is it comparable in terms of general wholesomeness to the Monday night footage of him belting out "O Canada."