As part of their Save the Species charity collaboration, Lacoste transformed their flagship stores and iconic logo. 

Lacoste's crocodile has become an instantly recognisable logo, whether it comes in its classic green colouring or one of their many tonal options. Last year saw the brand connect with the International Union for Conservation of Nature for a three-year partnership to spark conversation and raise awareness surrounding the worlds most threatened animal species. Released as part of this ongoing partnership is the ten-piece limited-edition polo collection that focuses in on ten different threatened species, with each of the polo shirts produced in numbers that match these animals numbers in the wild, worldwide. Each of Lacoste's flagships and online will be home to a specific animal as shown below. 

Paris: The Iberian Lynx – 589 specimens left
London: The Yemeni Mouse-Tailed Bat - 150 specimens left
Los Angeles: The Opal Goodeid - 150 specimens left
Tokyo: - The Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat - 115 specimens left
Miami: The Mountain Chicken - 132 specimens left
Berlin: The Addax - 90 specimens left
Shanghai: The Cebu Damselfly - 50 specimens left
New York: The North Atlantic Right Whale - 444 specimens left
Seoul: The Moheli Scops Owl - 400 specimens left
Online: The Hawaiian Monk Seal - 1 400 specimens left

In total 3,520 polo shirts have been produced for 3,520 specimens listed above. The Lacoste Save the Species collection launched at the aforementioned stores on May 22nd. For more information on the ongoing collaboration and how you can help to make a difference, visit Lacoste now. 

All Images via Lacoste