Humble and amusing, Michael Bogard—better known as Mike B.—is the visionary behind some of the best looks on hip-hop celebrities. The New York native started his career at Bad Boy Records under the wing of famed stylist Groovey Lew. Alongside Groovey, Mike styled some of music's biggest names during the golden era of hip-hop, and, in doing so, helped shape rap culture. Characterized by mafioso flare, the marriage of hip-hop and couture in the 1990s—replete with gold chains, flamboyant Versace patterns, and sunglasses—remains one of fashion's most recognizable periods.

After spending 11 years at Bad Boy, Mike B. pursued other fashion adventures. These include helping friends Maxwell Osbourne and Dao-Yi Chow launch menswear label Public School and developing the styling department for Selfridges. Continuing to share his talents, Mike B. linked up with us to discuss daytime looks for Spring 2019, pulling exclusively from Macy's wide array of brands.

Walking through Macy's aisles to build head-to-toe looks for today's shoot, Mike recalls it was his mother who first introduced him to the world of fashion. "There's this game that my brothers and I used to play when we were younger," he remembers. "My mom would take us shopping with her every weekend, so we used to run around the stores, and we used to play who could find a new designer."

That game has become a lifelong passion, and below are the results of his latest scavenger hunt—along with some dressing advice.