The French fashion house Balenciaga has become known in recent years for turning classically uncool visuals into trends that the masses un-ironically embrace. Since tapping Demna Gvasalia to lead the brand's creative, everything from reimagined IKEA bags to the infamous platform Crocs have been sent down the runway. Their fall 2018 collection was no different, which included a pair of red flats that resemble McDonald's french fry cartons

In August, the internet was in stitches when it was pointed out that the $740 shoes have a fast-food parallel. 

The shoes have nearly sold out everywhere, however McDonald's Sweden wanted to remind the public of their alleged contribution to high fashion footwear. 

In a photo posted by McDonald's Sweden, an individual is wearing the carton look-alikes, with a caption that translates to, "If we get 103042 likes we release these for real." The photo currently has roughly 14,000 likes, which indicates that it likely won't reach the 100,000 threshold, however, props for the laughs. 

Gvasalia's regard for flipping fashion on its head has been applauded by forward-thinking leaders within the fashion industry, which makes the intentional McDonald's parallel highly plausible. However, the designer doesn't just subvertly highlight the irony of consumerism, he also uses his position of influence to contribute to the causes that he believes in.