Tony Hawk, arguably the most iconic skateboarder in history is set to step into the world of streetwear with the Tony Hawk Signature Line. 

The first collection from Tony Hawk Signature Line promises an aesthetic born with skateboarding culture and its fans at its heart. Living this inspiration through and through, the collection was officially launched with a photography exhibition during Paris Fashion Week. This exhibition featured a series of photos shot by Anton Corbijn, providing an intimate look at Hawk as a mentor to the next generation of skaters. 

When asked about his venture into streetwear, Tony Hawk said: “The vision behind the range was to give fashion and skate enthusiasts alike a rare glimpse into my life before and beyond skating. So, when the opportunity arose to work with Anton Corbijn – someone who shares a mutual passion for music and raw, unfiltered art – I knew instinctively that the creative direction would be extraordinary.”

Californian style informs several pieces within the collection, with overcoats, pants, and souvenir shirts on offer. The range also featured imagery from Tony Hawk's personal photography collection, giving his fans a priceless look into his life. 

Check out the Tony Hawk Signature Line below. For more information and to take a look at the exhibition visit the brand's website now. 

All Images via Tony Hawk Signature Line