With Paris Fashion Week well underway and dominating headlines, debate surrounding the continued presence of Ian Connor has been revived with a new article including comments from Jean Deaux.

In a piece for Business of Fashion titled "Why Hasn't #MeToo Come for Ian Connor?" writer Tamison O'Connor compares Connor's current career to the fallout that faced other fashion figures such as Terry Richardson, who has been roundly condemned in recent years by multiple brands. 

"Nothing has happened," Deaux said. "And just as of recently he's been more and more and more put in the media and pop culture, he's kind of found his way back into being socially accepted." As cited in the piece, Connor has indeed made front row appearances at recent shows for Virgil Abloh and others. International fashion mag Numéro dubbed him an "it" boy just this month.

Looking back, Deaux—who accused Connor of rape in a 2016 Tumblr post—says she was persuaded by her entertainment lawyer at the time of the alleged incident to decline pursuing charges or going to the press. "This is not attention I want," she added. "It’s why I don't speak on this situation."

Connor has been accused by numerous women of sexual assault or misconduct, including Jenni Stampley, Taryn Williams, Malika Anderson, Khadiata Diallo, a woman going by the name Alyssa who has chosen to remain anonymous, and multiple more women. In tweets and interviews, he has denied the allegations. Collaborators and friends including ASAP Rocky, Kanye West, and Abloh did not contribute comments to the BoF story. Read the full piece here.

The report has been widely shared and discussed, with many noting just how prevalanet Connor has been in recent months.