Online clothing retailer ASOS featured a black plus-size model in a bikini on their website and fans are AMPED. The company is receiving a whole lot of praise for using the woman to advertise a vibrant yellow bikini from their curve collection. The tagline for the curve collection is "plus size clothing, plus size fashion."

Including a plus-size woman to sport a two-piece bathing suit shows that every body is a bikini body. Fans are thrilled with the clothing retailer's decision to use this model for their bikini line and showed their enthusiasm all over Twitter. One even pointed out that "real bellies matter."

The model is Londoner Vivian Eyo-Ephraim, who is represented by Bridge Models. She told Metro that it is "incredibly important to start re-defining what is the norm, and start celebrating our individuality." She added, "The modeling world is still so new to me, to see the amazing support and response from a job I did is just incredible. I couldn’t be more grateful to ASOS and Bridge for taking a chance on me and allowing me to show the world that everybody is beautiful, no matter what their shape, size or ethnicity."