ASAP Ferg and UNIFORM are back with another collaboration.

On Friday, the socially conscious streetwear brand will launch UNIFORM +1, its first subscription box service that mixes its minimalist designs with pieces curated by different influencers each month. The first drop will be presented in collaboration with Ferg, who linked up with UNIFORM on a Traplord capsule last year.

The brand was founded by entrepreneur Chid Liberty in 2016, and is dedicated to supporting impoverished communities throughout Africa. For each piece sold, a school uniform is to be produced and given to a child, who otherwise could not receive a formal education. Prior to his partnership with the brand, Ferg traveled to Liberia to check out the operations for himself.

“I didn’t want to get involved with the project if I ain’t know what it was about. So, I was like, ‘I gotta go to Africa,’” Ferg told Complex in 2017. “Before I even get started on anything, I wanted to go touch the people and see how the operation works […] The cherry on top is that we’re actually employing people. It’s providing more jobs, because the more uniforms that you put on these kids’ backs, the more jobs these people get; the more clothes we sell, the more uniforms we’ll be able to make. […] It’s literally feeding a village.”

UNIFORM +1 program will continue this mission with its subscription box service that will include limited-run pieces. For every box sold, the brand will sponsor a school uniform for a child in Liberia. The program will connect you with a UNIFORM stylist, who will ask a series of questions to get an idea of your personal tastes.

“Our stylists are obsessed with tailoring every drop especially for you, based on your unique style profile,” Liberty said in a press release. “But best of all, you get what would be over $250 worth of clothing for $69 per drop.”

To sign up for UNIFORM +1, or to learn more about the brand’s cause, go to​. The first drop is expected to ship Jan. 26.

Those who sign up for the email list will automatically be entered to win a free pair of Nike Off-White Air Jordan 1.