London-born brand Given Orders looks to the commonplace of construction sites and the modernisation of the city to create a detail-heavy capsule collection.

In its infancy, Given Orders was comprised of a series of printed t-shirts produced by Geo Austin that built a close following, with initial releases quickly selling out.

Through the inspiration provided by the city of London and its constant state of change through investment, the brand took its first steps forward towards its own progression. Two years later, and with the help of Daniel Fabara, Given Orders has evolved to become a high-quality, detailed reflection of the city that birthed it.

Together the team hopes to build a range that works masculinity and femininity together, providing a unisex take on wardrobe essentials. 

The capsule focuses on the city's constant exposure to the development of buildings, using their raw form and materials to create silhouettes and graphics that reflect the cycle of deconstruction and reconstruction.

By creating each piece within the collection by hand, Geo and Daniel have combined simplicity and grit. The capsule is comprised of graphic tees and hoodies with raw detailing, relaxed-fitting trousers, and a high-neck sweatshirt built on a set of strong lines.

The collection release on November 30th via Given Orders. Follow the brand via Instagram to stay up to date on future releases. 

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