The world's most cutting-edge, non-traditional, and forward-facing photographers are in various far-flung locations when Complex catches up with them—a testament to the wanderlust that drives their creativity. The Instagram famous trashhand, known for his beautiful shots of distressed landscapes, is in Chicago. Another beloved IG photographer, 13thwitness, dials in from a venue in Houston while on the road with Beyoncé (no big deal). Meanwhile, Bee Walker is at her home in New York City, along with fellow photographer, business partner, and husband Rog Walker.

From exploring their own backyards to traveling the world, these three photographers throw themselves into all kinds of unfamiliar situations to capture stories and share them with the rest of us. Photography has afforded trashhand, 13thwitness, and Bee Walker the opportunity to visit new places and push the bounds of artistic expression.

Here, the three discuss their favorite cities, countries, and locales around the globe to shoot in.