Apple has heard your prayers and temper tantrums, and now they have answered. Earlier this month, Apple introduced its latest iOS update, revealing a redesigned version of its favorite peach emoji. And after fans went nuts because the emoji no longer resembled a curvaceous butt, the company responded by reintroducing the peach's original design. 

The first redesign, altered the emoji shape to resemble a more accurate, circular fruit shape. Not surprisingly fans wailed and complained on Twitter soon after the update, questioning how they would ever reference a butt again if they didn't have the peach. But many are definitely signing a new tune once again when they realized the heart-shaped peach illustration had returned. "#Apple acres about you & America. The #PeachEmoji is back to normal," one fan tweeted. "Ahh hell yeah. My emoji-ing just hasn't felt the same since the loss of Sexualized Peach Ass Crack Emoji," another chimed in. 

By the looks of it, the rest of the software update remains the same. The emoji keyboard also includes new career emojis including a doctor, rockstar, and firefighter, as as well as new emotions and animal characters. 

Go forth and emoji happily.