The last twelve months have been big for London producer Faze Miyake. Last summer, he released the first Woofer USB and then he dropped his self-titled debut album in October. Now, Faze has announced the release of the latest project from his label, Woofer Music, the "Woofer by Faze Miyake²" capsule, featuring a new USB and a customisable velcro cap.

The new Woofer USB is twice the size of last year's 8GB version, and features as-yet unreleased exclusive Faze beats as well as collaborations with the likes of Footsie, Sir Spyro and Mssingno. 

To go with the new music, Faze is also dropping a new piece of merch to go with the Woofer Blackwire T shirt from earlier this year: a customisable velcro cap that comes with a free, removable Woofer patch. The cap has three velcro strips for you to add your own patches and move around the Woofer one. 

You can pre-order Faze Miyake and Woofer Music's bundle online now, before its official release on Sept. 5.