PacSun's quest to attract every Cool Teen™ in the universe and ensnare their allowances in the process continues with a campaign starring two teen icons. The new campaign for PacSun denim features "the Internet's coolest teenager" Luka Sabbat and Kate Moss' little sister Lottie. 

"I think Luka is obviously the 'It' kid out there for guys who look up for fashion sense," Greg Crawford, PacSun creative director tells Complex. "Those are far and few between, so his personal sense of style 100% played into the decision. He's representative of what anyone in our demographic as a guy would look and aspire to look like." 

In a video exclusively provided to Complex, the viewer is thrown into the shoes, or jeans, of Sabbat and Moss and get to experience a day in Los Angeles as the two teens. The video is meant to speak in the language of a PacSun customer, which in 2016 means Snapchat. "It was very much concepted and shot with SnapChat in mind," Crawford says. "We think as that channel becomes more and more relevant in our space we really wanted to speak in the consumers' voice and really let them take in the video in that perspective." 

No one is better equipped to give that perspective a unique spin than Sabbat, who made it known from the jump he wanted to style himself. "He wasn't difficult about it," Crawford explains. "He said, 'I just like to put my flare on outfits,' and we were totally fine with it because that's why we're hiring Luka." 

Sabbat's inclusion in the campaign speaks to the brand's ongoing efforts to attract the type of customer that already looks up to the model. In the past, PacSun has partnered with brands like Been Trill, worked with the A$AP Mob, and exclusively sold Kanye West's Yeezus merch. Fear of God's Jerry Lorenzo now works with PacSun on the brand FOG and, on the women's side, have long collaborated with Kendall and Kylie Jenner on a line. PacSun, which recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, is hoping they've struck gold in a similar way by pairing with Sabbat and Moss. 

"We paired with Kendall and Kylie at a very young age," Crawford says. "We saw their potential and were able to grow with them. And we were looking for the next wave of who the next 'It' kids are and we felt like both Luka and Lottie are going to be the next big thing." 

For now, PacSun is hoping Sabbat and Moss can lure customers to try out the brand's new jeans, which has been rebranded from Bullhead Denim to simply PacSun Denim. The jeans will come in several trendy '90s-inspired styles, like "mom jeans, released hems, skinny styles, ripped knees and painted-on pants," according to WWD.

You can shop the new denim styles at PacSun's website now.