If you look at the average bro's summer wardrobe from Chicago to Little Rock, Charlotte to San Antonio, you'll probably notice a few common items: floral boardshorts, a surf-inspired T-shirt, perhaps a hemp bracelet or two. And that's all because, for decades on end now, no one does summer better than our friends on the West Coast. Once the weather heats up, we all want to dress a little bit like we live in Southern California. Fortunately for everyone (except maybe the cashiers at Hollister), L.A. style is leading the charge and setting the tone for a huge segment of American menswear. But this West Coast-type fashion is not the same as it was when you used to wear Billabong swim trunks; it's streamlined, sophisticated, and a little more grown up—and not all of it even comes from the U.S., let alone from the Golden State. Here are some essentials for the season to give you that carefree, surf-life look you want. And you don't even need to get sand in your shoes.