The predictions were right: This whole gender-free, unisex, androgynous fashion movement is only getting bigger.

Just months after retail giant Zara came through its much-talked-about ungendered line, GUESS has announced its upcoming HIS + HERS unisex collection, the first of its kind for the American brand. The range will drop later this year and will include pieces like oversized denim, basic sweats, and solid tees, which keep the line pretty clean and timeless; however, it’s far from being predictable. Unlike many other brands that have dabbled with gender-free clothing, GUESS has taken a major risk by offering "unisex" items that aren’t so damn masculine.

Among the crewnecks, crisp white button-ups, and simple loungewear, there are several styles that wouldn’t typically be found in the men’s section. Case in point? A cropped outerwear joint with fur detailing and a one-button blazer with skinny lapels.

Be sure to stay tuned for a full look at the HIS + HERS collection before it drops this fall.