Segal’s Law teaches us that "A man with a watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure”. While that may ring true in philosophy we all know that one can never have too many timepieces, as Uniform Ware’s new Spring/Summer 2016 and Autumn/Winter 2016 collections can attest.

Hence why their new range for this year has us covered on all fronts for the next two seasons. For Spring/Summer they’ve introduced their newest strap, a linked PVD bracelet which comes in four finishes. Additonally their new straps can be connected to previous Uniform Ware designs by allowing the links to fold effortlessly, collapsing upon one another for a clean and comfortable wear.

Their Autumn/Winter 2016 line gets a huge update for both the straps and the watches. The new collection will introduce the Texture Calf, Parisian Alligator and Shell Cordovan straps. Uniform Wares also adds four new watch references consisting of a new oxford blue oyster dial, rose gold and natural steel finishes.

The Spring/Summer collection will be available towards the end off March whilst the Autumn/Winter collection will be out sometime in September. For a better look at the new collections scroll down to our gallery below and click here for their webstore.

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