A couple of weeks ago, we reported on a Jamaican model who was suing Donald Trump’s agency for racketeering, breach of contract, mail fraud, and violating wage laws. Unfortunately for her, the case was thrown out on Wednesday.

According to Reuters, Judge Analisa Torres dismissed Alexia Palmer’s lawsuit against Trump Model Management LLC, saying there was insufficient evidence that the model was deceived or was owed money.

Palmer filed the lawsuit back in 2014, seeking $250,000 in back pay. She claims she was promised a three-year contract that came with a $75,000 annual salary, but was only paid $3,880.75. Furthermore, the model insisted her experience was a part of a larger plan to bait foreign-born individuals to the U.S. and deny them fair wages.

Judge Torres says Palmer and her lawyers failed to prove the model worked enough hours to justify a wage complaint or receive back pay.