MISBHV has something big planned for Spring/Summer 2016. 

The new collection, aptly titled "New Beginnings," is the Polish brand's first ever full Spring/Summer collection and its debut women's silhouettes (MISBHV is known for its unisex streetwear pieces). "Moving into women's was something that we were always interested in and a natural progression for the brand," MISBHV designer Natalia Maczek tells Complex. "I love wearing jeans and hoodies, but that's not what I want to limit myself or my vision to. After all, Spring/Summer 2016 is only my second real season." MISBHV will push women's more in its upcoming Fall/Winter 2016 collection. 

According to Maczek, the new line is inspired by the idea of translating the sensibilities of the 1960s and 1970s. There are items with prints or patches with quotes by David Bowie and post-punk prints, distressed outerwear, and shirts that are inspired by photographer Bruce Davidson's book Brooklyn Gangs.

"Our friend Piotrek who works with us is a big Bowie fan and put this idea forward," Maczek says about the decision to use Bowie quotes. "The more I learn about Bowie, the more fascinating I find him. There is an elegance, intelligence, and artistic freedom to him that is unmatched in modern culture. Bowie is also the first to tell the ordinary kids from the ordinary homes that they were free to create an identity for themselves. He gave them the freedom to really make themselves. It is insane how relevant that is today."

MISBHV's Spring/Summer 2016 collection is only the brand's second real season, but it's already one of the new designers to watch this year. So, pay attention. 

MISBHV's Spring/Summer 2016 collection is available in stores at VFiles, 424 On Fairfax, and Wildstyle now.