This week Future opened the doors to his Freebandz pop-up shop in Los Angeles. In addition to offering his latest collection of gear, the shop will release a limited edition selection of vintage-inspired T-shirts that will include a special tribute tee in honor of A$AP Yams. The shirt designed by Darien Bruze takes cues from an '80s rock T-shirt, with "Long Live A$AP Yams" across the front and a group of polaroids from Future's tour with him on the back. 

"Future wanted some Yams shirts, so I was like, 'We gotta do this right—it’s gotta be special,' Bruze told Noisey. "I just thought it was hard as hell—this band had Polaroid pictures on the back from their tour—I was like, 'We gotta do that for Yams. It’s only appropriate.' That’s probably my favorite one."

The other styles, which will be dropped one-by-one until the shop closes next weekend, include designs inspired by his "Purple Reign" tour and his 56 Nights and Monsters mixtapes. Each shirt will be released in a limited run of 50.

The A$AP Yams tee will be available on March 20.

Image via Noisey