As we continue with our ongoing collaboration with Selfridges we now shine the spotlight on London-based luxury menswear brand Clothsurgeon.

Combining the aesthetic style of Vintage Americana and the lush bespoke tailoring seen on London's Savile Row, Clothsurgeon is an ardent display of the next level in the modern day streetwear scene. Developed by founder Rav Matharu, the brand fuses his passion for street culture, art and fashion, while at its core, it maintains its proud British identity. The pieces range from ready-to-wear jackets, trousers, footwear and other accessories (our prime pick being the t-shirt with solid black on the front, a red and green tartan/flannel pattern covering the entire back and a white bottom side-trim) to the Bespoke garments that are crafted in East London.

Using Matharu’s trademark attention to quality and detail each piece has an innovative and contemporary style that stays rooted in the quality fabric and materials it incorporates. Thus resulting in clothes that is both wearable and exquisitely put together, a rare touch indeed.

As well as the seasonal collection, Clothsurgeon will also be offering a full bespoke service giving the customers the unique opportunity to concoct their very own design from whatever fabric they wished to use.

Check out the video above and if you’re in London make sure you check out Clothsurgeon's latest collection and their bespoke service at Selfridges, Oxford Street  on men's contemporary on 1.