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Men's Fashion Week in New York is only in its second season, but it's already established itself as good for one thing in particular: getting some fashion-minded athletes to show up to look at some clothes. This may not seem significant, but when a D-Lister from the CW sitting front row is enough to send photographers into a frenzy, seeing some actual celebrities from the world of sports is a breath of fresh air.

This time around, reigning King of the Fashion Weeks Victor Cruz will be joined in the front row by a few other bold-faced names from the NFL, including Julian Edelman of the Patriots and the Jets' Eric Decker. It's a strong trifecta of gridiron talent from a sport not usually associated with fashion. And when we caught up with Decker and Edelman last night at a Fashion Week kickoff event hosted by the CFDA and Dockers, both were ready to stick up for their league's style bona fides—​especially in comparison to the more flashy fashion of the NBA.

"There’s a lot of the guys now in the NFL, with Instagram, who are big into fashion," Decker said. "In the NBA, they play a lot more games, so they have a reason to dress up more, where we only have 16 games. The opportunities are less, but we’re catching up."

Edelman agrees. "I think they just get more TV time, more face time," he told us. "I mean, [Tom] Brady looks like he could walk the runway. And I’m not saying that in any kind of way, but my guy’s bringing the nines all the time. Cam Newton, he’s doing his own splash. You got Decker over here, who’s always well-dressed. You got Odell Beckham. You got Victor Cruz. I mean, there’s guys that are dressing. We just don’t have that face time like them. We’re wearing a helmet."

They are, indeed. Speaking of the Pats quarterback, Edelman denies there's any style competition between them—even though he was quick to point out that he placed above Brady on a recent ranking of Boston's best dressed that we couldn't find when we Googled it, but we're choosing to believe because he seems like a nice guy. And for the record, he does not feel the need to remind everyone that Brady once voluntarily adopted a Bieber-style bowl cut as a full-grown adult.

"No," he said. "I’ve learned a lot from him. I was a young pup coming into the game and he always had everything going pretty right. He’s always looked good. I learned the game and kind of went in his direction, actually."

On the topic of interesting grooming choices, in case you were wondering whether or not Decker's wife, country singer and possible 19th century outlaw Jessie James Decker, does, in fact, still manscape her husband—as she recently said into a microphone while a camera was recording her—we can confirm that is still happening, too.

"I had to shave my beard today, but I let her make sure I look groomed," Decker elaborated.

It's like the old saying goes: the couple who shaves their pubes together, stays together. Welcome to Fashion Week, sports fans.