Considering that you read Four Pins, we can probably pinpoint two thing about you without even trying: you like rap and you like clothing. They go together extremely well and contrary to popular belief, Kanye's Yeezus Tour was not the first time a big name rapper made some good merch. A new book, Rap Tees, takes a look at some of hip hop's extensive history of, you guessed it, t-shirts. 

Ross Schwartzman AKA DJ Ross One has been collecting hip hop merchandise for a very long time and has more than 500 rap tees, which he showcases in this book. We're talking stuff from as early as The Sugarhill Gang, Public Enemy and Beastie Boys to the Wu-Tang Clan, 2Pac and Jay Z. The big difference between rap tees and the typical tour merch for, say, a big-time rock band or pop star is that they were produced in super limited quantities. So this is a book full of shirts that were so scarcely made that they've become borderline impossible to track down. That's something else we know about you guys. We know how much you love limited edition and rare garms. You might get a contact high just by touching the pages their photos are printed on. 

You can pre-order Rap Tees: A Collection of Hip Hop T-Shirts 1980-1999 for $35 right now.