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Every once in a while I’ll remember that Phigvel exists and makes really nice, expensive jackets. I really enjoy their jacket designs. They’re always vintage-inspired, but there’s a ton of attention to detail and the jackets are just plain enough for all your friends to be incredulous when they hear the price. This particular jacket is based on British Army motorcycle overcoats. Whenever I see a OD green, belted jacket with rear button adjustable vents, a thin belt, a removable 100% wool liner and a ventile outer I think of the motorcycle chase scene in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. That scene was indelibly burned into my brain because when I was a kid, McDonald’s used to have this promotion where they would bundle VHS tapes with meals. It sounds wild now, but it’s true. My cousin worked at McDonald’s so he laced our family up with the Indiana Jones trilogy. I watched those movies a billion times and one time I fell out of a tree because I used packaging twine as a whip to swing off the roof of my buddy’s tree house. I limped for, like, a week but all my boys talked about it at recess for, like, a week straight.