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This is a simple, utilitarian coat from Carhartt Work in Progress. I have a funny story about Carhartt WIP. Way back in 2006 or 2007, I had the coke dream of opening a small store in Detroit that would sell expensive jawnery. The idea is similar to the idea that you have to sell an ounce of weed to pay for your own weed. I actually reached out to a few brands to see if I could get a meeting at their showrooms. Of all the brands, I figured I had a shot with WIP because Carhartt is originally a Michigan company. I was trying to open a small business in Michigan, it’s basically kismet, right? WRONG. The kind people at WIP simply responded with a “NAH. We’re good.” I was crushed. I also got a “NAH. We’re good,” from the bank when I tried to get a small business loan. Bunch of haters. Instead, I decided to try and write my way into the menswear industry. So blame WIP and the banking industry for subjecting you to my rants for three years.