Continuing the two year anniversary celebration for Dover Street Market New York, Bianca Chandon and Alex Olson are getting in on the action with a couple of hoodies and t-shirts. Here's the thing, man. We could literally just write about new hoodies and t-shirts everyday until the end of time and everything would probably be alright. We all love hoodies and t-shirts, right? Who in this world doesn't love them? These Bianca Chandon joints are pretty nice because they're just a little different. They have the little floral badge and decoration on the back, but also have patterning in the hood. I like that. Olson and the crew could have just been, "Yea, the little flowers on the front and back are enough." But instead they added a little spice and put it in the hood. Because when you open that closet of yours and see the mountain of different hoodies to choose for your outfit on a given day, the smallest detail might be the one that makes you choose it over the rest. 

The pieces will be available tomorrow, Friday, December 18th at DSMNY and online