Sneakerboy is one of my favorite online shopping sites solely because I enjoy looking at high-res photos of shoes that I'm never going to be able to afford. Shit, that's what the fucking Internet is for, right? Just as founder Chris Kyvetos mentioned in an interview with us a while back, Sneakerboy has been trying to bring in more apparel to compliment their best in class sneaker selection each season. The store has stocked bangers from Raf Simons x Sterling Ruby and a few other select joints in the past and has recently dropped a couple of one-offs of its own like Sneakerboy denim and bags. With their expanding clothing efforts, Sneakerboy debuts its first in-house collection that is essentially a stable of staples. Hoodies, sweaters, shirts, backpacks, denim, hats, bombers and accessories are all available right now. Check out the curve on those jeans. When you want to make jeans that mesh perfectly with sneakers, you got to have those stacks and J-cut legs are the perfect way to guarantee your transformation into Count Stackula. All in all, the the collection is full of pretty dope pieces perfect for filling out a wardrobe in need of some everyday joints. The best part? The currency conversion rate. That $690 AUD bomber is just $480 USD. Go forth and take advantage of a world financial economy that you cannot begin to understand.

[Photos via Hypebeast]