2015 has been a BIG year for men's hair. Research shows that men are more interested in their hair than ever before even though it has led to students being kicked out of school for their exceedingly on-trend hair cuts. But is it possible for things to go too far? Yes. And it's happening right fucking now this very second. Groupon, a dying company that needs to make a splash, is now selling clip-on man buns for the low, low price of $9.99.

Access your memory banks and think back to April 1, 2015 when ASOS sent out a tweet saying clip-on man buns were coming soon. That was a legitimately dece April Fool's prank, especially in the age of terrible, corny corporate April Fools jokes that brands feel like they need to participate in to get off that #relatable #shareable #content. The joke worked because it was somewhat believable, but also stupid enough to know that it wasn't an actual possibility. But here we are, six months later, and Groupon is actually doing the damn thing for real this time. In keeping with Groupon's entire steez, the list price we're supposedly getting a sick deal on is $65.34. I don't believe that for a fucking second.

But possibly the best worst thing about this is that the model for the shoot had his hair Photoshopped to match the bun colors. Like, there wasn't the budget to bring in multiple models? Come on, Groupon. The idea is already so stupid, you have to at least deliver on the authenticity a little bit. Now I'm just sad.