Fall is officially in full swing and I can't stop thinking about fucking psyched I am. Are you psyched for fall? Because you fucking should be. Fall is the season where I buy the most shit in a small time frame and then try to convince my family that I am somehow deserving of a few extra hundred dollars to balance out all my wild spending. These Clarks Beckery boots are the current apple of my eye solely because they have the thickest, juiciest crepe sole I think I have ever seen. The primary dilemma here is that you have to immediately decide how you want to wear your pants with them. Do you roll them shits real high and show off, not your ankle, but your shins? Or maybe you let the hem rest on the top to get a little bit of stacking in. The choice is yours. All I know is that these are essentially Wallabees on crack. It's like they hit 'em with performance enhancing drugs. Nothing wrong with that. And slapping on a different name? Well, that's just good business acumen.