Oh man, 11th grade me is seriously pining for this Raf sweater vest. Our high school dress code was fairly limiting, but we were allowed to wear sweater vests and you bet your ass I wore the hell out of 'em. My favorite was this red wool joint. A lot of times we'd all go hang out after school, but because we had to dress like weird, slouchy finance bros for school, we'd always have normal clothes stashed in our cars. But one particular day I totally forgot my Hookups cargo pants and ironic T-shirt at home and had to just go hang out in my school clothes. I almost bailed on the whole enterprise, but I went and this girl from our sister school thought my sweater vest was dope. When we went outside for her to smoke a cigarette, she totally sat on my lap and I didn't even mind when she dropped her cigarette and burned a hole in my favorite red sweater vest. She was super apologetic and every time we saw one another at random parties, she'd always be like, "Watch out, I'm gonna burn a hole in in all your clothes!" And I'd be like, "Hahaha," but really on the inside I was all, "You can burn a hole directly in my heart, girl." So yeah, buy this almost $500 sweater vest and maybe a girl that wears Misfits tees and Mavi jeans will burn a hole in it. Or maybe you'll just look like high-fashion Doug Funnie.

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