Line-ups can be hell. Robert Samuel of Same Ole Line Dudes knows this, and he's made a business out of it. It's true: He and his employees will personally wait in line for you if you're looking to cop an upcoming release, but aren't willing to stand in blistering cold or scorching heat. Same Ole Line Dudes is a full-service professional line waiting service, or "Uber for line waiting" as Samuel would describe it.

Samuel has personally lined up for Kanye West's Yeezy releases, sample sales, iPhone launches, Broadway tickets, and more, charging a rate of $25 an hour for the first hour, and an additional $10 for every subsequent half-hour. While it sounds like a heavy price, Samuel has had little trouble finding customers. He was recently hired to stand in line for 48 straight hours for the iPhone 6s, and earned $965. 

If you really want to secure the next big drop, give them a call.