If you're fortunate to find yourself in a major metropolitan city, you should definitely allow yourself the experience of insane discounts of a sample sale. Generally conducted in person (though some happen nationally online), a sample sale is when a designer takes samples of the season's collection or leftover backroom stock and sells them to the public at a discount. In NYC for example, several designers (from the Fifth Avenue heavyweights to the trendy SoHo labels) may rent out an open warehouse space or empty shop and then drag racks upon racks of product into the space to sell at prices that are meant to move.

Depending on the designer, the craziness can vary, but usually shopping at a sample sale involves waiting in line as people are let in in groups, shopping open racks of generally unorganized clothes while others around you do the same in a very tight space. Some are very stressful and some are very quiet. It really depends on the designer and when you go. One thing is guaranteed—the stuff you buy will be final sale. If possible, try to take yourself out of the hectic environment to try it on somewhere. Taking something unwearable home from a sample sale is always a downer, no matter how cheap you got it for.