Dennis Graham isn't just Drake's dad—he is a certified sartorial gawd. While Drake touches on his Dad's crazy life, it pales in comparison to Graham's Instagram, which is filled with everything from celebrities to "aspiring models" and girls at least half his age (or younger). Remember, Drake is just a younger Dennis after all.

It's almost impossible to not bow down when Graham starts flexing on the 'gram. Considering that his social media lifestyle is as (if not more) ostentatious than his son's, you suddenly realize that Graham's persona is so swaggy, it gives the entirety of OVO a run for its money. While we're not suggesting that anyone outside of Graham pull off these style moves (don't worry, he is indeed "still wearing linen"), we have to give credit where credit is due. These are Drake's Dad's Swaggiest Moments of the Past Year.