We’ve already established that Dhani Jones is a guy who likes to look sharp. In the first episode of the new series "Blend Out with Dhani Jones," Jones discussed how his love of a sweet-looking bow tie led to his first business venture for his investment company, Qey Capital. In episode 2, we get a glimpse of this hardworking man as he takes a break from his many endeavors to head to New York City. There, he meets up with his boy Damien Lemon to do a little sneaker shopping. 

Once he gets his hands on some new kicks—and, of course, dons a fly bow tie—Jones heads over to the Gotham Comedy Club, to chat with Lemon about how he got to where he is. During their conversation, Lemon decodes what the phrase “taking the bullet” means in comedy lingo, and gives his very unique take on how performing stand-up is a lot like having sex. Yup. Needless to say, things get pretty interesting.

Check out the video above to see more of Lemon and Jones' conversation in episode 2 of "Blend Out with Dhani Jones," brought to you by Grand Marnier. And be sure to check back soon for further episodes, and more words of wisdom from the original baller himself.