Dhani Jones is the original Baller. Not only did he spend 11 seasons in the National Football League—playing in two Super Bowls in the process—but he’s gone on to host multiple TV shows, open his own restaurant, and launch two different creative agencies.  These days, in addition to hosting another new series, Blend Out with Dhani Jones, Dhani has taken his entrepreneurial spirit to the world of venture capital. He is chairman of Qey Capital Investments, which makes investment both short and long term in enterprises based in the Midwest. 

And while you might picture the first venture of a former NFL player to be in a company that makes sports cars or yachts, Jones went for a product that’s a little closer to his heart: bow ties. “I blend out by rocking bow ties,” Jones says—and if you’ve ever seen him sport one, you know he’s not lying. 

But no matter what the endeavor, it’s about much more than the product to Jones. “It’s really about telling stories,” he says. “It’s about helping people on their journey to express themselves.” And expressing yourself is one thing Dhani definitely knows a lot about.

Check out the video to see more about Dhani’s exploits in his post-football life, in the first installment of the new series, Blend Out with Dhani Jones, brought to you by Grand Marnier. And be sure to check back soon for further episodes, and more words of wisdom from the Original Baller himself.