For a brand that's "extremely normal™" Telfar is one of the most unique brands coming out of NYC. For Spring/Summer 2016 the brand continued its riff on the commercialization of clothing and culture by sending down branded shirting, trousers, and tees (just to name a few). It's fitting that the collection was titled "Signature" as the collection embodies the brand's modern, simplified, unisex (see: simplex™) clothing. But more interestingly, Telfar was the first label to introduce its collection in a CGI alternate universe.

Debuting in the digital world of CULTURESPORT, the trippy video accompanied the physical Telfar runway show. According to Telfar, "CULTURESPORT is a sprawling anime epic being produced and released as if it were a torrent file: starting everywhere, ending nowhere, spreading like wildfire. Its narrative is so vast it constitutes an alternate reality — and just like our reality — it’s all for sale."

Definitely not without a sense of humor, the Telfar show after party embodied product placement, taking place at the Times Square White Castle restaurant. According to Telfar, it's on the most "innovative" and "meta-critical" partnerships in the world of CULTURESPORT.



Take a look at at a few looks from the Spring/Summer 2016 collection below, and indoctrinate yourself into the Telfar way of life over at the brand's webshop.



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