Nowadays, you can pair sneakers with anything. Your typical men's style publication will help you dress them up, down, for work, for a wedding, and for any other event you could imagine. So, the demand for a formal dress shoe, let alone a pair of penny loafers, hasn't been particularly high, but Palace Skateboards is changing all that with its new take on the style. 

You wouldn't expect Palace to be behind a penny loafers movement considering its roots as a skate brand and the fact that even the copy admits, "You can't skate in them." However, the always-hilarious copy on Palace's sites counters that by adding, "They are super gangster." They are hand-made in Portugal and each pair comes with two gold-plated Palace pennies. "You put one in each shoe and it completes life," the copy reads. 

The new footwear style from Palace comes in four colors: Bottiglia green, Burdeos, Tenelo Grey, and Vigblu.

Shop the range on Palace's webshop now.