We've seen similar items like surgical facemasks worn as a fashion statement before. They're almost vital in pollution-ravaged cities in Asia, but some people have taken to wearing them as a piece of their tfit. We never figured someone would really take the next step and go all the fucking way, turning the facemask into a luxury item though. Alas, here we are, looking at these Freka fashionable facemasks.

The glamorous video spot here makes it seem like some sort of next level health benefit. And, like, I guess it sort of is in a way. Freka claims that their filtering technology cuts out all the harmful atmospheric particles, leaving just purified air for the wearer to breathe. There's also something called Hinoki wood in the filter that apparently smells very soothing and has rejuvenating qualities. The product itself is pretty sleek until you realize you'll basically be wearing a fucking Darth Vader mask in public.

Naturally, these are available pre-order for a healthy $240 each. Granted, you also have to take incredibly good care of this thing, replacing the filter regularly, which is roughly another $30. I don't know about you, but I'll suffer for my fashion in other ways.