According to The Hollywood Reporter, the popular and provocative women's magazine Cosmopolitan has a television show in the works based on its Editor-in-Chief, Joanna Coles, and her life at the magazine. NBC is looking to channel all the sexually frustrated women who read the magazine's pages into TV viewers and Coles is currently attached as an executive producer to maintain integrity as the story is ported over to television.

The only problem I see here is that we have not yet been approached for a Four Pins television show on such a scale. "Fashion Bros" didn't cover all the intricacies and detail that go into blogging and scanning the timeline with aplomb to find the latest memes and translate them into viral content. It would be riveting TV and especially worth watching when Jon Moy makes his regularly scheduled guest appearance twice a year for fashion week. Our ratings would plummet every other episode, but the production costs would be so low you'd have to keep it on the air. Anyway, TV takes forever to develop, shoot and air, so this Cosmo-inspired show might not see the light of day for quite a while, but we'll let you know. Until then, here are "The 14 Best Things About Having a Boyfriend."

[Photo via Cosmopolitan]