Timberland has already perfected its iconic six-inch boots, but the company is still finding ways to improve the way it makes them by introducing a completely new product: tires.

Timberland has been trying to find a winning formula for turning old tires into boots since 2008. However, the brand knew it could improve upon its soles made, which are already made out of 35 percent rubber materials that would have otherwise gone into a landfill. In an attempt to be as sustainable as possible, Timberland has teamed with tire producer Omni United to create a tire that is specifically engineered to have a second life on the soles of Timberland's classic footwear. The tires are a first of its kind. 

Sustainability has been the latest trend to grip the fashion industry. H&M recently introduced its Close the Loop collection, which uses recycled clothes in order to produce new ones, and Pharrell appeared in a documentary advocating for the use of recycled plastics in clothing

You can order your own Timberland tires here.