Here at Complex, we’re all about breaking new ground with our work, often in collaboration with like-minded people and companies, and in our latest joint venture, we’re teaming up with Selfridges. Chances are, if you’re on Complex, you know about Selfridges. 

The London department store—which has the ultimate brag card, having been named ‘Best Department Store in the World’—has been a killer destination for men's and women's fashion since Henry Gordon Selfridge first opened the store in 1909. That’s more than 100 years of kitting out the most fashionable people in the world’s most fashionable city (sorry, not sorry, NYC). This is a store run on imagination—an extraordinary destination that delivers an experience that’s wholly different to any other store. 

In the last few years, Selfridges has become a go-to for contemporary labels bringing the heat, stocking labels like Nasir Mazhar, Virgil Abloh’s Off-White, and Fear of God, as well as designer sneakers from everyone from Lanvin, to Margiela, to Givenchy, and on to labels like Buscemi. It should be a no-brainer then, that Selfridges and Complex have teamed up to embark on a joint project that shines a light on some of the most lit labels available from the iconic store. 

The project is going to cover a few bases that are important to Complex and Selfridges; there’s going to be exclusive video content, bespoke music, in-store events, and ambassadors, and it’s all going to sit on both the new dedicated page on the Selfridges site, and here on Complex, so there’s no excuse to miss any of it.

Get ready for this partnership to launch soon, and in the meantime, take a look at just how good the menswear selection over at Selfridges is here.