Expect this season of New York Fashion Week, under the new leadership of IMG, to be a lot different than previous ones. The event has already announced a host of changes, including a new logo and less in-your-face advertisers, and now add one more development to that list. Vogue reports that NYFW has claimed a new headquarters where the typically invite-only proceedings will host events open to the public. 

The new headquarters is situated next to Milk Studios, which is home to the also recently-procured-by-IMG MADE Fashion Week. And while many of the event will still be open only to those lucky enough to snag an invite, some art installations and talk series will be accessible to all. "Typically these sorts of events are happening around us, but no one has really corralled everything into one hub and had a broader, overarching conversation about what’s happening in fashion," IMG’s Leslie Russo tells Vogue

The events will run concurrent with the upcoming New York Fashion Week schedule, which goes from Sept. 11 to Sept. 16. If you aren't in New York City, you'll still be able to check out some of the events virtually through a live-stream on NYFW's website.