New York Fashion Week has undergone a series of changes over the last year. The event was split into two to accommodate a week specifically for menswear, it was forced to switch locations to two Skylight venues downtown, and lost its biggest sponsor, Mercedes-Benz. New York Fashion Week is still looking to improve under the new ownership of IMG, though, with several more subtle differences set to take effect this upcoming season, Racked reports

NYFW has unveiled a new name and corresponding logo, above, for the event now titled New York Fashion Week: The Shows. Many of the changes feel like an effort to button up the event. Organizers are downsizing the amount of vendors involved with the event to make it feel less commercialized and only members of top media outlets will be allowed to attend. 

"IMG will only be issuing credentials to major media outlets," the event's new website reads. "Individual agencies or freelancers interested in attending must be on official assignment from said outlets and have supporting documentation." 

The event has also brought back into the fold some of the major American designers that jumped ship, including DKNY, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger.