Allure magazine's August issue features a variety of "retro modern" hairstyles inspired by the '70s. One of the looks included is a "loose afro," and the publication's decision to use a white woman to model the traditional African-American hairstyle has the Internet furious, according to BuzzFeed.

The magazine presented a guide on how to achieve the "loose afro" style with a title that already raises some red flags,  "You (Yes, You) Can Have an Afro." The style is modeled by actress Marissa Neitling, who appears on the television show The Last Ship. This is how Neitling looks when she's not sporting the afro. 

Image via BuzzFeed

Allure presents an entire section dedicated to different hairstyles, not one of which is modeled by a woman of color. The whole thing is very reminscent of when Kylie Jenner got called out for wearing cornrows.

Image via BuzzFeed
Image via BuzzFeed

The Internet has gone in on Allure for the lack of diversity in the article, specifically the choice to have Neitling model the afro.