John Elliott Explains How You've Been Wearing Sweatpants Wrong the Whole Time

John Elliott sets the rules on how to wear tailored sweatpants.

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John Elliott, who no doubt was at least partially responsible for putting tailored sweatpants on the map for dudes with his Escobars, is here to explain how you've been fucking up the style this entire time. Elliott sits down with GQ to explain exactly how you should be rocking the tailored sweatpants trend.

In the video above, Elliott outlines the six rules for making sure you are rocking sweatpants appropriately. The first rule is to make sure that you don't cross the fine line between slim and tight. The designer says that slim is key to make sure you avoid the dreaded "Dad Sweatpants™." The next rule is fairly obvious, just because sweats were originally made for lounging around and being generally disgusting, the tailored look can't come with stains or worn frays. 

The next rule involve a bit of social decency: get a bit of a drop crotch to avoid having your slim sweats tighten up in all the wrong places. This is also why Elliott also says that tailored sweats need to be tried on in the store—so you can check the fit. The last rule is to stack your sweatpants, which won't be a problem if you cop any of the extra long styles Elliott has been pumping out in his most recent collections

Watch the video to get the full-proof plan straight from Elliott on how to rock this trend correctly.

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