Lenworth McIntosh, aka Joonbug, is a busy guy.

In addition to creating his own comic book project called Bean Boy, and taking up freelance gigs for publications like Four Pins, the San Francisco-based creative is also running two companies: an illustration/design firm called Bugs87 and an apparel brand dubbed Fresh Kaufee Clothing Co.

So how does he do it? How did this Jamaican-born man take a childhood hobby and transform it into a full-time profession?

Well, in this new video released by KQED Arts, we get an inside look at Joonbug’s budding career, and learn how he is making a name for himself in The Bay’s art and fashion scene.

Throughout the four-minute interview, Joonbug discusses everything from his start in the art world to his marketing and networking tactics to the intention of his work.

“It’s a way for me to encourage people to grow,” he says in the video. “I would love for people to experience the full extent of Fresh Kaufee. It’s almost like I invite them into my world […] It’s almost like you can taste the flavor of the culture and, you know, the product.”

Take a look above to watch the full video, which is both visually striking and inspiring. To learn more about Joonbug and his work, head to the Bugs87 website or the Fresh Kaufee online store.